About Prime Beverage Solutions – The Wholesale Liquor Suppliers of Choice

Prime Beverage Solutions is a proudly independent, family-owned business with a proven history of sourcing quality global brands for the Australian market. Our key stakeholders have many years of experience in the liquor industry developing lasting relationships with both our overseas principals and valued domestic customer base.

Whether it is premium European beers, award winning French Cognac, or the best wines locally produced or originating from Marlborough, New Zealand, we are sure to have a product that will work for you.

At Prime Beverage Solutions we are constantly striving to exceed our customers’ expectations. We are one of the best wholesale liquor companies in Australia, so let us help you with all your liquor needs.

Our Wholesale Alcohol Offerings

Prime Beverage Solutions prides itself on having a huge alcohol warehouse with a wide variety of beverage options to choose from. Here is a look at some of our amazing product offerings.

Wholesale Wine – Our wholesale wine offering is broad and includes some of the best wines locally produced, from New Zealand and also the world. You can easily order our wholesale wine online, which can make planning any event or party efficient and simple. We are one of the best online wine distributors in Australia.

Wholesale Beer – A house is not a home without a few cold beers in the fridge and an event is not the same if you don’t have a beer in your hand. As wholesale liquor suppliers, we ensure we have the best premium beers available to help you stock your personal fridge, store, club or event.

Liqueurs Online – Liqueurs can be expensive but when purchasing them from one of the best wholesale alcohol suppliers, you can rest at ease! We have affordable, wholesale prices that make stocking your bar, restaurant, club or event inexpensive.

Wholesale Drinks – If you need to stock an establishment or your own home with non-alcoholic beverages, then Prime Beverage Solutions has a variety of choices for you.

Wholesale Spirits – Spirits are a must if you want to make cocktails or just have a neat, strong drink. People usually have spirits when they take shots, so if you have a bar, you simply must stock spirits!

Trust Prime Beverage Solutions with Your Wholesale Alcohol Needs

Whether you run a bar, restaurant, sporting club or have a retail or liquor store, we have the wholesale alcohol solutions for you. We are a family-owned business that prides itself in supplying quality premium products. We have everything from beer to wine, spirits to liqueurs and will continue to expand our product offerings.

We have worked hard to build and maintain a strong business name and will continue to grow. We are the wholesale liquor suppliers of choice for many reputable clients. Look at our wide range of products to see what we can do for you. Our goal is to help you through being the best alcohol distributors, so get in touch today.