Beer from Prime Beverage Solutions

Prime Beverage Solutions are the wholesale alcohol suppliers to use for any event you might be planning. Trusted both internationally and in the local market, we have a range of liquors that can be ordered online with ease. Our beer range is particularly impressive because it consists of the best premium European beers the world loves so much.

If you need beer for your bar, restaurant, liquor store, or huge corporate event, then Prime Beverage Solutions is your liquor supplier of choice. We have an alcohol warehouse stocked full of all the best brands.

All About Beer

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to man. After water and tea, it is the third most popular drink and has the highest consumption rate out of any alcoholic beverage. Think about it. Wherever you go in the world, sharing a beer with friends, family, or acquaintances opens up lines of communication, is refreshing, and just down right fun! Beer is commonly made from cereal grains like wheat or malted barely and is generally brewed with hops to add a little bitterness.

The Different Kinds of Beer

The most popular European beers originate from Germany, Czech Republic, England, Belgium and the Netherlands. These countries are famous for the great taste and high-quality ingredients used in brewing their beers. At Prime Beverage Solutions we have a wide range of these beers available from our alcohol warehouse. Here is a look at the main beer varietals:

Ales – There are two kinds of ales, pale and mild. A pale ale is the most widespread beer variety and uses top-fermenting yeast in the brewing process. The malt is usually a pale malt; hence the name given to this beer. A mild ale on the other hand is usually darker in colour and uses more malt in its brewing.
Lagers – These beers are made using bottom-fermenting yeast. They use a cool method to do this. Pale lagers are the most popular beer around the world and originate from Germany.
Stouts – These are your dark beers like Guinness. They are brewed using roasted malts or barley and a yeast that ferments slowly. They originate from London and date back as far as 1677.

There are many other types of beer, but they aren’t as widespread as these three main varietals. Prime Beverages Solutions prides itself in offering a wide range of beers at wholesale alcohol prices.

The Beers of Prime Beverage Solutions

Prime Beverage Solutions has a range of beers available for purchase. These include Hertog Jan Grand Prestige, which won the gold medal at the 2014 Beer World Cup and the Breda Royal Lager, which one a silver medal at the 2013 International Brewing Awards. Other popular brands on offer include, D’Oranjeboom Princess White, Trio Extra Stout, and Hertog Jan Tripel. For a full list of products click here.

Suggested Beer Pairings

Although there is huge focus given to wine pairings, beer pairing can be just as satiating. In fact, there is nothing quite like drinking a beer with the perfect food combination. Ales pair best with burgers, chicken wings, Mexican food, pizza, and steak. Lagers on the other hand work best with seafood, sushi, non-creamy pasta dishes, and Southeast Asian food. The best foods for stouts are smoked foods like duck, bacon, rich stews, and chilli dishes. They also pair well with oysters. Prime Beverage Solutions’ range of beers has got all your pairing needs covered.

Think Prime Beverage Solutions for your Beer Needs

Browse our wide range of beers, place an order, and stock your store, restaurant, or bar with the best premium beers. You can’t go wrong with us! We are the wholesale liquor suppliers of choice internationally and locally. Contact us today for pricing details.