Wholesale Ciders from Prime Beverage Solutions

Prime Beverage Solutions are wholesale alcohol suppliers that specialise in a range of beverages. They are well-know within Australia and have also built a strong brand image internationally. One of the many wholesale liquor products we have on sale are ciders.

Beer is always fantastic, but there is nothing quite like a refreshingly cool cider on a hot day or out for a night on the town. Ciders are fruity and have that added fizz, which makes them enjoyable to drink.

A Little About Ciders

Cider is a unique drink made from fermented apples. Did you know cider is named after the apples used in their production? Yes, that’s right! Cider apples are the best to use when making this delicious alcoholic beverage, although, you can use any apple variety just as easily. Popularised in the United Kingdom, cider has spread to other countries in the world but is most popular in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Canada.

The Different Styles of Cider

The alcohol content in a cider varies according to the producer but is generally in the range of 1.2% – 8.5%. There are many cider styles but the three most common are modern, heritage, and speciality. Here is a look at the main difference between the three:

Culinary apples are used to produce modern ciders, which means the cider has a higher acidity and less tannins.
Heritage ciders are a little more diverse. They are made from cider apples and culinary apples. This gives them a wider range of colourings and haziness.
Speciality ciders are a lot like craft beers. People experiment with different ingredients to create new flavours that are still distinctly ciders.

Prime Beverage Solutons has a wide range of wholesale ciders to choose from. Ordering alcohol online has never been easier. Now, you can stock up your store or event at wholesale prices from one of the best wholesale liquor distributors in Australia.

About Oranjeboom Apple Cider

Oranjeboom Apple Cider is made with fresh hand picked apples. It is medium dry with a sweet apple taste. The alcohol content is 4.5%. There are hints of citrus with this premium cider too. You can purchase it from Prime Beverage Solutions in a pack of 10 330ml cans or 500ml cans a case of 4 x 6.

The Best Pairings for a Delicious Cider

Cider pairs fantastically with sweet foods. The best choices are pancakes, cinnamon sugar donuts and apple pie. The obvious reason being that cinnamon and apple is one of the most delicious flavour combinations on the planet. Pairing a piece of apple pie with a cider can never go wrong!

If you’re looking to pair it with something savoury, then your best options are squash soup, roasted turkey, blue cheese, and creamy pasta dishes. The acidity and sweetness of the cider pairs beautifully with these flavours and brings out the sour, salty flavours of the food. While a squash soup can be a little sweet at times, if you add cinnamon it will taste delicious with a cool cider.

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