Wholesale Cognac from Prime Beverage Soultions

Cognac is a type of brandy that is made in the France and named after the town called Cognac. In fact, you can’t call this type of brandy a cognac if it’s not made in that area. Brandy is only alcohol made from another alcohol, namely wine. Prime Beverage Solutions will meet all your wholesale alcohol needs. They have some of the best cognac stored in their alcohol warehouse, which is specially designed to keep all their products fresh for your use. If you have a restaurant, bar, club, liquor or retail store, contact us today to find out what wholesale liquor products and prices we have.

A Little About Cognac

Cognac is called “eau di vie” after it has gone through the distillation and ageing process. To make the perfect Cognac, you need to start with the best white wine. It is double distilled in copper pot stills and then aged in barrels for a minimum of two years. Typically, the barrels are made of French Oak. Most Cognacs are aged for a lot longer because the longer it is “on the wood” as they say, the richer the taste.

Prime Beverage Solutions are the wholesale liquor suppliers of choice. They have a wide variety of wholesale cognacs available to suit the needs of everyone from the liquor store owner to the organisers of huge events or corporate functions.

The Wholesale Cognacs on Offer at Prime Beverage Solutions

Maybe one of the best honey liqueurs online is the Honey Cognac Liqueur from ABK6. It won the best honey liqueur at the 2017 World Liqueur Awards. The ABK6 VSOP won gold at the 2013 IWSC, “World’s Best Cognac” at the 2014 World Cognac Awards, and was voted the best VSOP at the 2017 World Cognac Awards. Other great brands and winners on sale from Prime Beverage Solutions include the ABK6 Rare XO Cask Finish, the ABK6 XO Renaissance, and the Ice Cognac from ABK6.

Prime Beverage Solutions are wholesale alcohol suppliers that believe in excellence and only sell the best products. Their wholesale cognac will add a touch of unique flavour to anyone who owns a bar, restaurant, or even theatre.

The Pairings of Cognac

Cognac is best served neat but can be enjoyed in many cocktails. Some of the best food pairings include roast duck, pears, dark chocolate, cheese (particularly mature cheeses), glazed pork, sushi, and mushrooms. The best cognac cocktails are the French Connection, Side Car, Brandy Alexander, and Champagne Cocktail.

Prime Beverage Solutions has wholesale cognac at the best prices. If you own a bar, club or restaurant and want to offer interesting cocktails or unique food pairings, then you must stock up with this wholesale liquor distributors’ exceptional products.

Prime Beverage Solutions are Your Wholesale Alcohol Saviours

Whatever your wholesale liquor needs, Prime Beverage Solutions can help you. Contact us today to find out more about our wholesale pricing and delivery options. We are ready to help you with your liquor needs whatever they may be.