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Spirits are the strongest of all the alcoholic beverages. They pack a punch and have the highest alcohol content of all other alcohol, some ranging as high as 90%. Spirits are used to make interesting cocktails and shooters. You can also drink them neat, like whiskey and Cognac. Prime Beverage Solutions are the wholesale liquor suppliers of choice when it comes to your wholesale spirit needs. We have a range of spirits that are perfect for any liquor store, bar, club, or restaurant. If you’re hosting a huge event like a concert or corporate function, then our wholesale prices will help you stick to your budget while getting the highest quality products.

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What are Spirits?

All alcohol is made by fermenting sugary substances, like wheat or apples, to create ethanol and carbon dioxide. Using yeast means you can only ferment it to a certain degree before it becomes harmful to consume. This is where distillation comes in. By using distilling methods, you can separate out the water and increase the alcohol content of the liquor you’re making. Some spirits have an alcohol percentage as high as 90; although, it’s not recommended you consume these alcohols. Liquor with those percentages are often used to steralise equipment or wounds. Some of the most popular spirits are Brandy, Whiskey, Cognac, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, and Rum, but there are many more on the market.

Prime Beverage Solutions has a wide range of wholesale spirits available from our alcohol warehouse to suit the needs of any restaurant, bar, club, and retail or liquor store.

Our Wholesale Spirits offerings

Some of our most popular wholesale spirits are award-winning brands that deliver the highest-quality products using the best distillation methods and tools available. XO is one of the leading Cognac brands in the world. ABK6 make superior products that constantly win awards. Their VSOP is an iconic Cognac that consistently takes home awards almost every year. EKISS is fast becoming an extremely popular organic vodka brand within Australia.

Cocktail Idea for Spirits

The list of cocktail ideas is endless when it comes to spirits. You can often drink this form of alcohol straight, but it’s very strong and is sometimes nice to mix different flavours together to create a taste sensation. Some of the most popular cocktails using spirits are gin and tonic, tequila sunrise, moscow mule (which is made with vodka), and highballs. There are many more, and people are constantly creating new ones. You can also create fun shooters by mixing spirits with liqueurs.

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